C1, National Adaptation Geoinformatic System (NAGiS)

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Supported projects:

EEA and Norway Financial Mechanism
Hungary – Climate Change

About the programme

Priority sector: Climate change
Programme: HU04 – Adaptation to Climate Change
Programme status: Approved

  • Promote a detailed understanding of climate change impacts and vulnerability in Hungary.
  • Encourage actions to increase climate resilience at local level.
  • Raise awareness of climate impacts.
  • Share examples of replicable projects that contribute to reducing the impacts of climate change.

About the call(s)

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Open calls


National Adaptation Geoinformatic System (NAGiS) component (EEA-C1)

Sub-call I

Extension of NAGiS to other sectors (EEA-C12)

Sub-call II

Improvement of the NAGiS knowledge base (EEA-C13)

Outcomes of the call

  • Establishment and functioning of the National Adaptation Geoinformatic System (NAGiS).
  • NAGiS improved through incorporating new sectors and topic areas.
  • NAGiS knowledge base improved by improving input areas and data harmonisation.


Sub-call I

Total available budget: EUR 538,847. Available budget per project: EUR 170-200,000.

Sub-call II

Total available budget: EUR 300,000. One project is awarded.