Selection procedure

The evaluation and selection of proposals were managed by the Fund Operator. The Fund Operator established a Selection Committee, which made recommendations to the Fund Operator regarding the projects to be awarded. The Selection Committee included at least three members that have relevant expertise in the subject.

The evaluation/selection process included the following steps:

  • review of eligibility criteria;
  • review of administrative criteria;
  • expert evaluation; and
  • decision making.

Project proposals were reviewed and evaluated by two independent and impartial experts. The experts separately scored the projects according to the evaluation criteria. Based on the scores given by the evaluators, a ranked list of project proposals was compiled. For the purposes of ranking the projects, the average of the scores awarded by the experts was used.

If the difference between the scores given by the two experts was more than 30 percent of the higher score, a third expert was commissioned. In such cases, the average score of the two closest scores was used for the project ranking.

The Selection Committee reviewed the ranking and in justified cases proposed to modify it. The Fund Operator, based on the recommendation of the Selection Committee, made a decision as to which projects were to be supported. The following types of decisions were taken:

  • to grant funding without a modification of the budget;
  • to grant funding with a reduced total amount of eligible costs, with a reduced grant amount, or with conditions; or
  • to reject funding (due to lack of available funding or for professional reasons).