Bilateral Meeting between the EEA-C12-13 (CRIGIS project) and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute

[7-9 December 2015] The closing event of the EEA-C12-13 CRIGIS – Vulnerability and Impact Studies with a focus on Tourism and Critical Infrastructures project provided a good opportunity to strengthen the bilateral activity between the Hungarian Meteorological Service and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. The invited experts from the METNO were Eirik Førland (Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Department of Meteorology and Climate, Consultant) and Ole Einar Tveito (Head of Climate data and spatial analysis section). Eirik Førland contributed to the closing event of the EEA-C12-13 CRIGIS with presentation of the functioning of the Norwegian Centre for Climate Change Services in cooperation of Met Norway, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate and University in Bergen. The main tasks of this Climate Change Service in Norway is supplying the decision makers with information relevant for climate adaptation. Several examples were introduced how to make bridges between scientist and policy makers. 

The tailored and gridded products of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute together with the scientific background is behind were introduced during the discussions. A common viewpoint were appointed that the quality of the gridded products strongly depend on the quality of the data and the methods are used for derivation. A long-term cooperation were established in the field of climate data homogenization and interpolation which are the main issues in production of high quality products to support climate change services. The Norwegian colleagues got experiences in using the homogenization method developed at the Hungarian Meteorological Service. There is an agreement on Hungarian visit in April 2017 to Oslo as the next step for strengthening the collaboration between the Institutions.