Study visits to Norway and Hungary, as part of the C3-9 project (Rehabilitation of Öreg Túr)

[March 2017] As part of the EEA Grants – Adaptation to Climate Change Programme’s bilateral relations programme the Upper Tisza Regional Water Directorate has submitted a project proposal titled ‘Answers to Climate Change through Water Management’. The Norwegian project partners was NIBIO (The Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research), with 3 participating experts.

The project has included two study visits. The first one was implemented in Norway between 11-15 December, 2016. The Hungarian delegation has arrived by a 10 person team and an interpreter to Trondheim, where the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) provided the venue for the first day’s activities. After listening to presentations and visiting the hydraulics laboratory the programme continued in Oslo, in the headquarters of the Norwegian Waterbodies and Waterpower Institute. Here early flood forecast systems were studied, along with improved methods for flood forecasting. On the closing day of the study visit in the headquarters of the Norwegian Bioeconomy Research Institute we listened to a series of presentations about our Norwegian partners’ water research activities.

The project’s implementation was continued by a study visit to Hungary on 18 December. The Norwegian delegation could in three days learn about the project promoter's project area, and could gain an insight into the scientific background of the revision of the so called MÁSZ. Other completed projects were also introduced, including the recently inaugurated emergency reservoirs of Szamos-Krasznaköz and Bereg. What was presented in the classroom was also shown on site.

The water management tools introduced during the study visits and conferences enabled exchanging experiences between the participating experts, and they could mutually enable gaining new ideas to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Source: Original article, including detailed trip report (in Hungarian)