Local Climate Change Adaptation Capacity Building Event September 22-23, 2016 Balatonfured

Adaptation to Climate Change in Hungary (EEA Grants HU04 Programme)

The event was organized in the frame of the bilateral relations of the HU04 programme. It introduced the main elements of the second component of the HU04 programme, called local climate change adaptation capacity building. The programme aimed to promote a clear understanding of climate change impacts and vulnerability in Hungary, encourage actions to enhance climate resilience at local levels, increase climate awareness on sectoral impacts and vulnerabilities, and share examples on pilot actions to reduce the harmful impacts of climate change.

Article about the event's conclusions (4-page PDF)
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Haavard Stensvand, County Governor of Sogn og Fjordane: Work on adaptation to climate change in Sogn og Fjordane County (11 slides)
Dr. Rannveig Magnúsdóttir, Landvernd – IcelandicEnvironmental Association: Climate change and Hornafjörður municipality (16 slides)
Rune Gjerden, Tønsberg Municipality: Urban measures for adapting climate changes and reducing the environmental impact in the senter of Tønsberg (26 slides)
Lúðvík E. Gústafsson, Icelandic Association of Local  Authorities: Icelandic municipalities and climate change (21 slides)
Guðmundur Haukur Sigurðarson, Vistorka: Akureyri - Iceland Carbon neutral (19 slides)
Dr. Váradi Zsuzsanna, Dipol consortium: A bergeni tanulmányút tapasztalatai és hasznosítása (25 slides)
CecíliaLohász and Zsófia Pej, Energiaklub: Tanulmányút Norvégiában, Oslo, Rygge (28 slides, 10 Mbytes)
Deborah E. Davies: Journeys in Adaptation (Prezi)
Szabó Balázs, municipality of Felsőörs: A Klímaválasz tanfolyamokon szerzett tapasztalatok hasznosítása (41 slides, 12 Mbytes))
Kajner Péter, MFGI: The National Adaptation Geoinformation System (NAGiS) as a local planning tool (27 slides, 17 Mbytes)
Mrs. Zoltán Kovács, Bács-Kiskun county government: Éghajlatváltozásra adott innovatív válaszok Bács-Kiskun megyében (12 slides)
György Varga , VITUKI: The effects of climate change on lake Balaton (24 slides)
Judit Bálint, REC: Az "Alkalmazkodás az Éghajlatváltozáshoz" program eredményei (17 slides)

The Local Climate Change Adaptation Capacity Building Event was the first of the three bilateral events to be held in autumn 2016 with the aim to present the main achievements of the HU04 programme and its projects and to provide a platform for possible  future cooperation for the donor countries, beneficiaries and other relevant stakeholders. The other two bilateral events are:

  • The Pilot projects event is organized between October 5-7, 2016 as a field visit in three different parts of Hungary.
  • The establishment and functioning of the National Adaptation Geoinformatic System (NAGIS) of Hungary, event is organized during November 7-8, 2016, Budapest, Hungary.
Two projects have been successfully completed within the EEA-C2 component: EEA-C2-2, Development of National Climate Adaptation Network and EEA-C2-4, Capacity building for local adaptation work.

These projects aim at increasing knowledge and building capacities of the local authorities, local decision makers and local stakeholders in relation to climate adaptation. The projects implemented provide a good basis for exploring adaptation options and strengthen climate resilience by learning about local impacts and assessing vulnerabilities at community level. Exchange of information and experiences between the representatives of the beneficiary and donor states  will  be promoted at the event.

Photos from the event: