Bilateral visit of the representatives of the Hungarian Meteorological Service in the Norwegian Meteorological Institute

During the Norwegian visits organized in the EEA-C12-13: KRITéR (CRIGiS) “Vulnerability/Impact Studies with a focus on Tourism and Critical Infrastructures” project the idea of a long term collaboration were proposed between the Norwegian and Hungarian partners in the field of climate data homogenization and interpolation. For strengthening the cooperation between Norwegian Meteorological Institute (METNO) and the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) a visit of a Hungarian delegation to the METNO were organized. The director of the METNO have sent a supportive invitation letter to the president of the Hungarian Meteorological Service. The Hungarian delegation consisted of three experts (Zita Bihari, Tamás Szentimrey and Mónika Lakatos) from the Unit of Climatology of OMSZ. The date of the visit was 18-22 April 2016, location: MET Norway headquarter, Henrik Mohns Plass 1. Oslo, Norway. The visits were supported by EEA C12-13_B04: “Hungarian-Norwegian cooperation for the production of high quality climate information for adaptation to climate change and climate related activities” project.

The main aim of the bilateral visit was shaping a long term collaboration in production of high quality and representative climate data to support climate change services. The knowledge gathered at the METNO Climate Division/Climate data and Spatial Analysis Section in developing climate services and homogenization and interpolation methods developed at OMSZ/ Unit of Climatology allow to derive good quality climate information in high resolution to the policy makers and to the public. The focus of the visit was to change expertise and to initiate discussion on applying for research fund in the future together.

The METNO prepared a Seminar with participation of the members of the Hungarian delegation and with the experts from METNO for 19 April, the first day of the visit. The Hungarian partners presented the climate services and challenges in Hungary including the experiences of the CRIGIS project, the homogenization and gridding of the climate data and the results of the CarpatClim project which focused on creation of a high quality representative dataset to support climate change studies in the Larger Carpathian Region. The experts from the host institution presented the operation of the Norwegian Centre for Climate Services, a new methodology for estimating design values for Norway regarding heavy rainfall was introduced, how the METNO and Norwegian Centre for Climate Services make interaction with users was presented, and the homogenisation and gridding activities at METNO was demonstrated.  In the next two days on 20-21 April different topics were discussed with participation of the relevant experts from METNO. On the 20th of April the homogenization and gridding were on the table. On the 21st of April the issue of quality control of the precipitation data, the estimation of the return period of heavy precipitation, the user interaction of Norwegian Centre for Climate Services and the future collaboration, possible future project calls were discussed in a round table discussion.

The Hungarian visit facilitated the discussion on the applying for research funds in the future.  The participants expressed their interests to find some financial support to strengthen the collaboration between the institutions. As a result of the discussions we can conclude that to find fund for possible common future research projects could be through the EU Commission, H2020 or EEA-grants. Finally the Norwegian participation on the “International Climate Change Workshop” organized and hosted by OMSZ, supported by the Bilateral fund of EEA on 6-8 June 2016 were discussed.  It has been realized since then. It was the further and important step to strengthen the long term cooperation between the institutions.