Bilateral meeting between the project of C12-13 and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute

[22 June 2015] As a bilateral cooperation activity, Eirik Førland, represented the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Department of Meteorology and Climate participated at the Impact Assessment Consultation Workshop of the EEA-C12-13 CRIGIS – Vulnerability and Impact Studies with a focus on Tourism and Critical Infrastructures project, which was held on 22 June 2015 in Budapest. The aim of the workshop was to start consultations on the impact studies with the relevant stakeholders and end-users. The participation of Mr Førland was very useful for both the project partners and the end-users as well. He presented the operation of the Norwegian Centre for climate Change Services with a special focus on the topic of the EEA-C12-13 project. He introduced the gridded products of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute as well as their new approach of climate change impact on tourism. He presented the Norway climate projections and emphasized the importance of the continuous communication with the end-users. Based on the discussions after the workshop, further cooperation is possible in developing climate indicators for dangerous winter weather situation which result road accidents.