Study Visit from Latvia to Hungary

[6-7 October, 2014] Under the framework of the EEA Grants Programme complementary action, a Latvian delegation representing the programme operator of the EEA Grant LV02 Programme (National Climate Policy) visited Hungary for two days of meetings with the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), fund operator of the EEA Grant HU04 Programme (Adaptation to Climate Change). The main aim was to share experiences of implementing adaptation-related programmes in Latvia and Hungary. At the same time, following the request of the Latvian delegation, information was provided on general climate-related issues in Hungary, such as observations, modelling, and national climate strategy and policies. The meeting was held at the REC Conference Center in Szentendre. The Conference Center was recently refurbished as an energy-efficient building and equipped with geothermal heat pumps and solar panels.
The 11 Latvian participants represented the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and the State Regional Development Agency. Participants from the REC included the organisation’s executive director and the EEA grants team. Invitations were also sent to representatives of other Hungarian institutions and municipalities, including the National Adaptation Center of the Geological and Geophysical Institute, the Hungarian Meteorological Service, the municipalities of Szentendre and Tat, and the Lower Tisza District Water Authority.

For more information please download the trip report.

Some highlights from the meeting (click to enlarge):