Bilateral meeting between the Municipality of Morahalom (project promoter of C3-6) and the Municipality Evje og Hornnes (Norway)

[22 April 2015] The bilateral cooperation meeting was held on 22 April as a side event of the C3-6 project’s kick-off meeting in Morahalom, Hungary. The project leader hosted the event where the Mayor of the Municipality Evje og Hornnes, the Head Admisitration of the Municipality Evje og Hornnes, representatives of Nordent, the REC EEA Grant team and the project leader of the C3-6 project (Municipality of Morahalom) attended.

The aim of the meeting was the introduction of the Hungarian and Norwegian Municipalities, furthermore to discuss possible cooperation. The Mayor of Morahalom welcomed the participants and expressed his gratitude for the possibility of the personal meeting funded by the EEA Grant bilateral cooperation activity. The Mayor of Evje og Hornnes reflected that he considered his attendance at this meeting a honour and presented the settlement briefly to the participants. Mr Zoltan Nogradi presented the idea of the twinning towns which might be a good possibility for both Municipalities. Mr Bjoen Ropstadt welcomed this idea, but also noted that such invitation is novelty and possible twinning activity should be discussed with the Council of Evje og Hornnes. Further discussions about possible bilateral activity will be discussed during Autumn 2015.