Bilateral meeting of the National Adaptation Geoinformation System

On 7-8 November, 2016 a bilateral meeting was organised in Budapest about the National Adaptation Geoinformation System (NAGiS). Now that the service is up and running, the two day event looked at the lessons learnt so far and  demonstrated the use of the system from a practical point of view. The service was presented to an international audience. The event also provided a good opportunity to look at the further development opportunities of the system.



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Gabriella Szépszó (Hungarian Meteorological Service): RCMGiS: New climate scenarios based on the change in radiative forcing over the Carpathian Basin
Gabriella Szépszó (Regional Climate Modelling Group - Hungarian Meteorological Servicej): Some development possibilities
Andris Vīksna (Head of the Forecasting and Climate Department Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre): System for monitoring adaptation to climate change in Latvia
András Horányi (ECMWF): Copernicus Climate Change Service
Zita Bihari (Hungarian Meteorological Service):The Hungarian CRIGiS Project: Vulnerability and Impact Studies with a focus on Tourism and Critical Infrastructures
Ferenc Horváth et al (MTA ÖK): Climate vulnerability of the main agroecosystems of Hungary
Edit Hoyk (MTA KRTK RKI ATO Kecskemét): Some technical comments and content ideas about NAGIS webpage
Péter Kajner (MFGI): The National Adaptation Geo-information System
Márton Czirfusz (MTA KRTK RKI): NATéR – Long-term socio-economic forecasting for Hungary
Dr. ZsuzsannaNagy (DHI Hungary Kft.) Storm Water Management Concept Supporting a Climate Adaptation Strategy / Case Study, Tát-Tokod. Hungary
Péter Kajner et al: Aba region pilot activity: Testing the NAGiS by determining the vulnerability to climate change of the pilot areas Sárvíz River Valley and the region of Aba city


The aim of the NAGIS was to develop a multipurpose geo-information system that can facilitate the policy-making, strategy-building and decision-making process related to the impact assessment of climate change and the adoption of necessary adaptation measures in Hungary. Considerably NAGiS aims to play a key role in addressing the global challenge of climate change and developing smart adaptation measures tailored to regional, local needs. The projects awarded (C11-1, C12-11, C12-12, C12-13) covered the setting up the IT infrastructure for the NAGIS and providing the needed data layers for sectors like climate data, digital terrain data, water, forestry, land-use and biodiversity related data, agriculture, tourism, socio economic and also improved climate projections. All the data layers are accessible in a 10kmx10km mapping system for Hungary.