Representatives of Evje og Hornnes visit Mórahalom, Hungary

[November, 2016] The Municipality of Mórahalom has again successfully applied for a grant from the EEA bilateral relations fund. This activity was implemented within the EEA C3-6-B07 project, with the support of the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC).

A study visit was organised, in which representatives of Evje og Hornnes kommune could visit Mórahalom to learn about its techniques to exploit renewable energies. These are regarded as good practices, with a good potential of transferability. As part of round table discussions the climate strategy of the City of Mórahalom was also introduced. Participating experts tried to map out possible areas of joint development based on this strategy.

The very well prepared professional programme was developed by the senior experts of Mórahalom Municipality, namely Mr. Zoltán Nógrádi (Mayor), Dr. Petra Elekes (notary), Miklós Koszó (project manager). The study visit’s agenda was very busy and rich of learning opportunities.

The delegation gained an insight into local innovations for energetics and climate change adaptation/mitigation. As part of the round trip participants could visit the demonstration farm, which was funded within the Financial Mechanism of Norway, and which demonstrates the practical application of innovative energy solutions. The delegation then visited the backbone pipeline (DN900) of the Homokhátság irrigation system, the local water reservoirs, the city’s photovoltaic power station and the usage of geothermal energy. Finally they visited the buffalo reservoir, which is an interesting experiment in that the protected area’s ecological balance is maintained by the resident buffalos.

Both parties were excited to review the climate strategy of the City of Mórahalom. This is a unique document in the region, as this is the very first such strategy created in this part of Hungary. The expert groups have identified many joint issues, which provide a very good basis for further cooperation.