Study visit and signing of cooperation agreement between Evje og Hornnes and Mórahalom

[April 2016] A delegation from Mórahalom went on a three-day study visit to Evje og Hornnes, where they learned practical knowledge relating to local environmental management, waste management and climate change adaption measures. The programme of the study visit was prepared by the leaders of Evje og Hornnes: Mayor Bjorn A. Ropstad and Counsillor Jens Arild Johannessen.

The delegation could gain insights into innovative energetic and climate change adaptation measures. As part of the trip they visited two local water power stations, a levee, a wastewater treatment plant, a highly optimal way of using biomass as well as they could study an innovative process to handle municipal waste. In two lectures the local hosts introduced local energy innovations as well as activities relating to the EEA Adaptation to Climate Change Programme.

To a great satisfaction of both parties, an official cooperation agreement was also signed between the two townships. The official document was signed by Mr. Zoltán Nógrádi, Mayor of Mórahalom, and by Bjorn A. Ropstad, Mayor of Evje og Hornnes. From now on this document will serve as the foundation for the fruitful cooperation of the townships in the future, to which both parties are looking forward to.

First bilateral meeting
Evje og Hornnes kommune