Study visit to Norway to exchange information about local climate change adaption

As part of the “EEA C2-4, Capacity building for local adaptation work” a training series was organised in Hungary. From those participants who have successfully completed the training, 2 persons from each group (i.e. altogether 16 persons) could take part in a study visit to Norway. The study visit was made possible due to the kind financial support of the EEA Grants Bilateral Fund.

Study visit participants could increase their knowledge about the climate adaptation practices of Norwegian municipalities, and could learn about local good practices.

The study visit included the following programme:

  • Visit to the Akerselva river side and to the Vulcan revitalised brownfield. There was a particular focus was on climate change adaptation aspects of these measures.
  • Visit to the Environmental Directorate of Oslo Municipality
  • Visit to the Ensjo district’s flash-flood management practices
  • A lecture by an expert from CICERO (Norwegian Climate Science Institute)
  • A visit to the Geitmyra urban farm
  • Learning about Fornebu and Baerum’s climate change adaptation measures an good practices
  • Learning about Rygge’s mitigation and adaptation measures as well as about good practices in water management and agriculture

Experiences from the study visit were reported widely. There is a full project report (available in Hungarian as PDF), there was a series of blog posts (in Hungarian), and photo reports were also posted on the project owner’s popular Facebook page.

For more information, including photos, please visit the original article (in Hungarian).