The newsletters of the 'Adaptation to climate change' programme in Hungary are listed below.You can download the newsletters in PDF format by clicking on the links below. They are in Hungarian only. For more information or to sign up to the e-mail version of the newsletter please send an e-mail to Zsolt Bauer at For further news and events please visit our news page.

April, 2017: Closing event
January 2017: Summary of study visits and bilateral activities
September 2016: Bilateral projects in Norway and Hungary
July 2016: Climate answer study visit, project introduction
May 2016: NAGiS is publicly launched on 1 May
March 2016: National adaptation network and local capacity building
December 2015: Paris climate summit
November 2015: Midterm progress review, Opportunities for cooperation
September 2015: New projects, Training for transparency
July 2015: Study visit, New projects
May 2015: Project kick-off in Mórahalom, Providing information about future climate change, further development of models
April 2015: Preventing in-land flooding by rainwater management, Latvian study visit to Hungary, New projects are funded
April 2014: New calls, Introducing NAGiS
January 2014: New calls - high interest, Kick off meetig - introducing the basics of GIS
December 2013: Calls for proposals, Kick off meetig - introducing the basics of GIS
September 2013: New funding programme in Hungary, programme summary, calls for proposals, public consultation