EEA-C12-13, Vulnerability and Impact Studies on Tourism and Critical Infrastructure (CRIGiS)

Programme: HU04 Adaptation to Climate Change
Call: C1 - The National Adaptation Geoinformatic System
Sub-call: C12 - Extension of NAGiS to other sectors

Project title: C12-13 Vulnerability and Impact Studies on Tourism and Critical Infrastructure (CRIGiS)

Grant number: EEA-C12-13

Project promoter: Hungarian Meteorological Service
Project partners: National Center of Environmental Health, National Directorate General for Disaster Management, University of Szeged
Project implementation period: May 2014 – December 2015

Project website
Closing Event (December 2015)
Bilateral meetings:
     Bilateral meeting with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (June 2015)

     Bilateral meeting at CRIGiS closing event (December 2015)
     Bilateral visit of the representatives of the Hungarian Meteorological Service in the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (April, 2016)
Kick-off meeting

Short description:

Aim of the project:

The main objective of the project is to prepare vulnerability indicators related to climate change, which will foster the development of adaptation strategies and objective decision making. The project specially focuses on the sectors of tourism and critical infrastructure in Hungary and so providing further sector specific information to the National Adaptation Geo-Information System (NAGiS).

Summary of the activities:

The project is focusing on three important sectors within the tourism and critical infrastructure: (1) study of the excess mortality related to heatwaves, (2) impact and vulnerability assessment of road accidents within extreme weather events, and (3) effects of climatic conditions on tourism. The indicators will be quantified, on the one hand, for the past and present based on observational data, and on the other hand, for the future based on regional climate model outputs.

Awarded Grant Amount: EUR 195,998  

Contact: Zita Bihari Konkolyné,



Bihari Zita: A klímaváltozékonyság hatása a turizmusra és a kritikus infrastruktúrákra