EEA-C2-4, Capacity building for local adaptation work

Programme: HU04 Adaptation to Climate Change
Call: C2 - Local climate change adaptation capacity building
Project title: C2-4 Capacity building for local adaptation work

Grant number: EEA-C2-4

Project promoter: Energiaklub Climate Policy Institute and Applied Communications Association
Project partner: Nordland Research Institute, Hungarian National Association of Local Authorities (TÖOSZ), GHG Analytics Kutató és Tanácsadó Kft., ESSRG Kft., Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Social Sciences
Project implementation period: May 2015 – April 2016

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Short description:

Aim of the project:

The overall goal of the project is to create a better understanding of climate change impacts among local decision makers and other local stakeholders. The project provides a good basis for exploring adaptation options and strengthen climate resilience by learning about local impacts and assessing community vulnerabilities. It will mobilise stakeholders and local-level decision makers, and empower them to develop and implement local strategies, based on scientific evidences and data in order to reduce and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The primary objective of the project is the capacity building of local authorities, local decision makers and local stakeholders about climate adaptation, involving at least 140 local authorities and sub-regional stakeholders from the following regions of Hungary: Central Transdanubia, South Transdanubia, Northern Great Planes, and the east part of Central Hungary (including the East side of Budapest).

Summary of the activities:

The project team develops tools for capacity building activities, based on a roadmap/methodology, a needs assessment among the municipalities, and the review of internationally available literature and best practice examples.

The experts of the project provide a broad and comprehensive guidance material for developing local adaptation strategies and involving local stakeholders. A complex training material will be developed, concerning all significant areas affected by climate change that is in the scope of authority of local municipalities. The project will also provide training for skill development regarding communication of climate change and adaptation. An interactive website (Community Awareness Web Platform) is being created as a tool for collaborative and distributed knowledge production available for municipalities and residents as well.

Awarded Grant Amount: 575,416 EUR
Contact: Orsolya Fülöp,