EEA-C11-1, Establishment of the National Adaptation Geoinformatic System (NAGiS)

Programme: HU04 Adaptation to Climate Change
Call: C1 - The National Adaptation Geoinformatic System

Project title: C11-1 Establishing a National Adaptation Geo-information System

Grant number: EEA-C11-1

Project promoter: Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary
Project implementation period: September 2013 – April 2016

Kick-off meeting (October 2013)
Project website
Bilateral meeting for the discussion of interim development results of the NAGiS Project (October 2015)
Closing event (April 2016)
Sharing of experiences and training about the Nagis: bilateral meeting (November 2016)
The National Adaptation Geoinformatic System is Further Developed (February 2017)

NAGiS bilateral meetingShort dNAGiS bilateral meetingescription:

Aim of the project:

The overall objective of the National Adaptation Geo-information System (NAGiS) project is to develop a multipurpose geo-information system that can facilitate the policy-making, strategy-building and decision-making process related to the impact assessment of climate change and the adoption of necessary adaptation measures in Hungary. Considerably NAGiS aims to play a key role in addressing the global challenge of climate change and developing smart adaptation measures tailored to regional, local needs.

Summary of the activities:

The project has several activities which are grouped into two main activities: the setting-up of the IT infrastructure for NAGiS, and developing a methodology for the assessment of climate change impacts and sectoral vulnerabilities, including the establishment of a specific indicator system which will serve as a basis for the next generation of projects (i.e. the eventual setup of a vulnerability assessment system).

Awarded Grant Amount: 1,541,920 EUR
Contact: Péter Kajner,



H E Tove Skarstein Opening Address (English)


Marta Szigeti Bonifert Opening Address (English)


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