EEA-C13-10, New climate change scenarios for the Carpathian-basin region based on changes of radiation balance

Programme: HU04 Adaptation to Climate Change
Call: C1 - The National Adaptation Geoinformatic System

Project title: C13-10 New climate scenarios based on the change in radiative forcing of the Carpathian Basin (RCMTéR)

Grant number: EEA-C13-10

Project promoter: Hungarian Meteorological Service
Project partner: Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Meteorology
Project implementation period: April 2014 – February 2016

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Short description:

Aim of the project:
The RCMTéR project aims to contribute to the NAGIS system by providing detailed estimations for future climate change and their potential ranges over Hungary using regional climate models. The output will be used as basic information source for impact assessments caused by climate change.

Summary of the activities:
Climate simulations will be performed with a horizontal resolution of 10 km through the latest versions of two regional climate models: ALADIN-Climate adapted at the Hungarian Meteorological Service and RegCM used at Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Meteorology. Both models are based on the global climate scenarios identified by 5th Assessment Report (AR5) of IPCC. Workshops, meetings and trainings will be held to help potential users to properly utilize and interpret climate projections.

Awarded Grant Amount: 299,996 EUR
Contact: Gabriella Szépszó,