EEA-C3-9, Öreg-Túr rehabilitation - Phase II.

Programme: HU04 Adaptation to Climate Change
Call: C3 Pilot projects

Project title:
C3-9, Öreg-Túr rehabilitation - Phase II.
Grant number: EEA-C3-9

Project promoter: Upper Tisza Regional Water Directorate
Project implementation period: May 2015 – April 2016

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Kick-off meeting
Pilot projects study visit: overview & trip report
Study visits to Norway and Hungary
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Short description

Aim of the project:
The main aim of the project is to improve the water balance of the river Öreg-Túr during the extreme weather periods and also providing better irrigation conditions in the whole area by raising low water-levels on the upper area of the river.

Summary of the activities:
The project is the second phase of the Öreg-Túr river’s water system rehabilitation, which focuses on the upper area of the river.  The project activities consist of developing and reconstructing river dams, developing new management/operational system which includes a monitoring system (building of automatic water level measuring stations and several flood gates to control water levels).

Awarded grant amount: 760 424 EUR
Contact: Luidort Antal project manager,